the twins the fanlisting et cetera.


Stars are dancing and the time is fading

The Layout.

You are looking at the first edition of this site. It's intended to be a mix of casual, elegant, yet grunge, which is my interpretation of the twins' relationship and lifestyle. They are rich—they attend a prestigious school, but they are mischief makers, playful, and pretty laid back; and they have their own 'dark ages', if you catch my drift.


The images came from various resources and textures are from gender, ewanism, brushes by OD, while everything else is mostly found while Googling, obviously... Also, special hugs and kisses to Kibou as the Staffer who gave me the most wonderful approval I've ever received, as well as Masao, who gave me suggestions during the designing process, and Elysa, for the constant support. I wouldn't have done it without you all. :')


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